About IRC

One of the responsibilities of the Secretariat under Article 71(f) of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community is to promote and disseminate information on the Community to the stakeholders, the general public and the international community. The EAC Information Resource Centre plays a central role as a provider of information and knowledge to the EAC Organs and Institutions, Partner States Ministries and departments as well as consultants, researchers and the general public, for policy harmonization, decision making process and for strategic networking with the stakeholders both within East Africa and outside.


Message from the Principal Librarian

Principal Librarian

In the "knowledge economy“, the focus is on the data, information and knowledge as the most important organizational resources. Access to EAC information and knowledge through this web portal, as a one stop shop, not only supports the EAC in fulfilling its mandate under article 71(f) of the Treaty for the Establishment of the Community, but also empowers the people of East Africa to closely follow up the progress of the EAC integration agenda.
Hesbon Shikuku Kionge