Information Resources

The Information Resource Centre collection is managed by a web-based library management system called Adlib. It hosts information resources from three Organs of the Community namely Secretariat, East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), East African Court of Justice (EACJ).

The EAC Institution Repository is a one-stop-shop platform of digital information and knowledge generated by EAC Organs and Institutions in execution of their various mandates since 1996. The Institutional Repository was established in order to provide visibility, accessibility and effective dissemination of EAC information and knowledge to all stakeholders, policy paper writing service makers, researchers, students and the general public as well as preserve the EAC institutional memory for future generations and prosperity. The Information and knowledge is mainly institution-specific comprising of the various materials including among others, treaties, protocols, development strategies, studies, speeches, parliamentary debates, court proceedings, photos, videos and documentaries of key events and milestones of the EAC integration process.

Reports database
The Reports Database is an on-line full text database of reports generated by EAC since 1993 to date. The reports include Summit, Council, Sectoral, Task force and other reports. One can search and retrieve Summit and Council directives and decisions for information and follow-up.

Subscribed online Resources
The IRC facilitates access of over 30 full-text online databases through its membership to Consortium of Tanzania Universities Libraries and Institutions (COTUL).